Floor standing bubble wall

Floor standing bubble wall

Bubble Panels will be sure to create a relaxing atmosphere while tingling the senses! They encourage visual tracking, concentration, touch and can have a calming effect for many children!

Bubble Panels change any room into a whole new environment. A must have if you are creating your own sensory room, or a nice addition to an already existing multi-sensory room. The Bubble Floor Standing Panel draws attention and interest through the constantly changing colours and moving bubbles ideal for visual stimulation, development of cause and effect skills, colour sequencing & matching, and encouraging touch through vibration.

Bubble Panels are most suitable in rooms where space is limited, as they can easily fit in a tight space. They require less water than bubble tubes, are easy to set up, and very cheap to operate.

Suitable for all ages, but children must be supervised at all times when near bubble walls. Measures approx. 123 x 40cm.

Looking for an upgrade to the traditional fish tank Considering a unique room divider. Bring another dimension into your indoor space with this Sensory Bubble Wall by Playlearn.

A white metal base supports this 4 foot, 4 section acrylic bubble panel, while accessory pebbles add an authentic, rustic feel to complement our high-tech LED lights.

Our LED lights emit a bright, long-lasting color, while remaining energy efficient and cost effective. Choose from 8 different colors in 6 different modes and varied speeds, and you'll never get bored!


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